Colloquium (Spring, 2016)

Lecturer: Prof. Hsiu-Hau LIN
Class: W5W6 (13:20-15:20 on Wednesdays) 物理系019


  • Class attendance (20%)
  • Reports (80%) You are required to submit TWO 2-page reports related to talks in the semester. The report must be submitted in the two-column LaTeX format.


  • (Dec 19, 2015) Syllabus uploaded on wikispaces.
  • (Mar 9, 2016) Only TWO reports are required.


Week 1 (Feb 17)

Week 2 (Feb 24)

Week 3 (Mar 2)
Special Colloquium for the discovery of gravitational waves
13:30-14:00 Gravitational Waves: Spectrum, sources and the first detection
(Wei-Tou Ni, National Tsing Hua U.)
14:00-14:30 A brief introduction to Laser Interference Gravitational Wave Detector
(Shiuh Chao, National Tsing Hua U.)
14:40-15:20 Discussions

Week 4 (Mar 9)
The Rise and "Decay" of the Spin Current
in Graphene and Other Two-Dimensional Materials
(Miguel Cazalilla, National Tsing Hua U.)

Week 5 (Mar 16)
Progress on heavy flavor physics---a personal perspective
(Hsiang-nan Li, Academia Sinica)

Week 6 (Mar 23)
Semiconducting 2D materials:material growth, heterostructures and spin-valley physics
(Wen-Hao Chang, National Chiao Tung U.)

Week 7 (Mar 30)

Week 8 (Apr 6)

Week 9 (Apr 13)
Assembly of nano devices based on AFM manipulation
(Jinwei Shi, Beijing Normal U.)

Week 10 (Apr 20)
Spin-orbit coupling in ultracold atomic gases
(Gediminas Juzeliunas, Vilnius U.)
Abstract can be found here.

Week 11 (Apr 27)

Week 12 (May 4)
Special colloquium on Outstanding Research Award 2016
An Astronomer’s Perspective on Gravitational Waves and AlphaGo
(Albert Kong, National Tsing Hua U.)

Week 13 (May 11)
Special colloquium on Outstanding Research Award 2016
From Higgs to Higgcision
(Kingman Cheung, National Tsing Hua U.)

Week 14 (May 18)
The dawn of quantum biology
(Hsiu-Hau Lin, National Tsing Hua Univ.)

Week 15 (May 25)

Week 16 (June 1)
Cosmic star formation history and AGN evolution near and far:
AKARI reveals both
(Tomotsugu Goto, National Tsing Hua U.)

Week 17 (June 8)
Brain and Time -- Is their marriage relevant for consciousness and self?
(Georg Northoff, Ottawa U.)

Week 18 (June 15)