Prof. Hsiu-Hau Lin

Our group was established in 2000 after Prof. Lin came back to Taiwan with focus on collective phenomena in quantum many-body systems. In the past, we worked on diluted magnetic semiconductors in spintronics and construct a useful spin-wave theory via self-consistent Green's function method. Later on, we investigated graphene-related systems in different conformations such as nanoribbons, nanotubes, chiral edges and point defects. We found an elegant relation between the quantized magnetic moment at the edge and the conformation of the chiral edge. Selected publications can be found on the page Publications. In addition to scientific research, Prof. Lin also devotes himself in physics education. On the right is his recent talk at TEDxTaipei with the theme "Open to Refocus".

Currently, we try to combine analytic and numerical techniques in statistical field theory to construct a quantum
theory for olfactory receptors. The study needs sophisticated analytic techniques and extensive experiences on quantum chemistry program. In addition, one also needs to know some bits of biology. It requires interdisciplinary talents to complete the task -- quite challenging at this point. Collaborating with Prof. Chun-Chung Chen, we also develop numerical programs to simulate evolutionary dynamics. In particular, we are interested in the stability of biodiversity in generic ecosystems and hope to pin down the key factor to avoid extinction.