We are a bunch of cheerful theorists interested in statistical field theory with current focus on quantum biology and evolutionary dynamics. The group is led by Prof. Hsiu-Hau Lin (林秀豪) at Department of Physics, National Tsing-Hua University in Taiwan.

Current Group Members

hsiuhau.jpgGroup leader Prof. Hsiu-Hau Lin came back to Taiwan as an assistant professor (2000-2003) at the physics department, then promoted to associate professor (2003-2007) and eventually became a full professor (2007-now) after seven hard-working years. You can tell from the photo that he is now relaxing and enjoys life after the promotions. In 2014, he becomes Tsing Hua Distinguished Professor for his outstanding research and teaching performance.

For his research works on spintronics and low dimensional correlated systems, he was awarded Ta-You Wu Fellow (2003-2006) by National Center for Theoretical Sciences. He worked on spintronics, graphene and low dimensional correlated systems in the past. In 2006, his research performance and enthusiasm in teaching were recognized and he was selected as Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the year in Taiwan. A brief and interesting interview on Da-Ai TV news can be found here. In recent years, Prof. Hsiu-Hau Lin extends his interests to biology-related topics including evolutionary dynamics and quantum biology. In particular, he is curious about the role of quantum physics in olfactory receptors and tries to construct a quantum theory to explain the unexpected isotope effect recently confirmed in experiments.

His continuing efforts and passions in teaching eventually won him the NTHU Excellent Teaching Awards in 2007, 2011 and 2014. In recent years, he participated in NTHU Open CourseWare and provides several courses to open public. One of his OCW, Thermal and Statistical Physics won the prestigius ACE Award for Open CourseWare in 2013. Professor Lin won the ACE Award again in 2014 for another course General Physics. His online courses have been viewed for more than 2 millions so far along with the wide spreading hand-written notes.

Ching-I Huang received her Master degree at NTHU in 2008 and moved on to enroll the Ph.D. program at the physics department. Within a short span of time, she passed all qualify exams and advanced to Ph.D candidacy now. During her master years, she worked on edge states in carbon nanotubes with different morphology. Upon entering the Ph.D. program, she switched gears and started working on quantum theory for olfactory receptor, which remains controversial at this point. She combined both analytic and numeric approaches to compute the reaction rates for odorant molecules coupled to olfactory receptors and tries to quantify the interactions between them. Recently, she develop algorithms to simulate spatial games for evolution with cyclic dominance. The simulation reveals a surprising result -- evolution with spatial structure is protected exponentially in total population. From spatial and temporal correlation functions, she found that the robustness of spatial evolution lies in coupled ``breathing" clusters in the ecosystem.

Former Ph.D. students

  • Ching-I Huang 黃瀞儀 (2008-2015, Colombia U. postdoc)
  • Wen-Min Huang 黃文敏 (2005-2009, 2011-2012, NCHU faculty)

Former Group members

  • Chih-Ting Hsu 許智婷 (2011-2013)
  • Min-Feng Tu 涂珉鳳 (2010-2011, Caltech)
  • Wen-Min Huang 黃文敏 (2005-2009, 2011-2012, UC Riverside)
  • Hong-Yan Shih 施宏燕 (2008-2010, U Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
  • Su-Ju Wang 王素如 (2007-2009, Purdue U.)
  • Judith Bunder (2005-2008, U. Wollongong, Austrilia)
  • Po-Yao Chang 張博堯 (2006-2008, U Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
  • Hsin-Hua Lai 賴新華 (2006-2007, Cal Tech)
  • Chin-Jen Cheng 鄭鈞任 (2005-2007, industrial engineer)
  • Ching-Ying Cheng 鄭憬筠 (2005-2007, Duke U.)
  • Jhih-Shih You 游至仕(2004-2006, NTHU)
  • Ching-Ying Yao 姚靜穎 (2003-2005, high-school teacher)
  • Song-Shien Cheng 陳松賢 (2001-2003, NTU)
  • Ming-Shyang Chang 張銘祥 (2001-2003, U. British Colombia, Canada)
  • Wei Chen 陳偉 (2001-2002, Florida U.)