We are a bunch of cheerful theorists interested in statistical field theory with current focus on quantum biology and evolutionary dynamics. The group is led by Distinguished Professor Hsiu-Hau Lin (林秀豪) at Department of Physics, National Tsing-Hua University in Taiwan.

Journal Club on Cancer Dynamics

We hold a weekly journal club on cancer dynamics. Following Nowak's textbook Evolutionary Dynamics, we also study some related review/research articles on the subject.

June 28, Tuesday
  • cancer as somatic evolution
  • tumor suppressor genes (TSG) and oncogenes
  • microsatellite instability (MIN) and chromosomal instability (CIN)
  • colon cancer


July 6, Wednesday

discussion materials:
12.1 oncogenes
12.2 the linear process
In order to understand the time-dependent probability P(t) for neoplasia formation within a compartment of N cells, one needs to go back to Chapter 6 and study the evolutionary dynamics with finite populations.

July 12, Tuesday

12.3 numerical examples
12.4 tumor suppressor genes
Even though the linear model seems to catch the essence of biological processes, it is interesting to consider more realistic network structure, bearing more realistic shapes and processes.

July 20, Wednesday

12.4 tumor suppressor genes(part I)
Nowadays we already know tumor suppressor genes(TSG) are allele genes, only by deactivating both genes the
tumorigenesis sequence could be initiated. The discovery of allele TSG can be dated back to 1970's, genetic scientist Alfred G. Knudson found statistical differences and classified patients into two groups. He came up with two-hit hypothesis to explain result. Neil first presented the simulation result for different population size, Hsiu-Hau pointed out he should not disguise the behaviour of simulation points by plotting them in improper scale. Neil will present next time.

July 27, Wednesday

12.4 tumor suppressor genes(part II)
We discuss the algorithm to improve the two-hit model calculation, we would like to know how good the approximation made in the textbook could achieve.

August 10, Wednesday
12.4 tumor suppressor genes(part III)
Neil presents some simulation results from solving the Fokker-Plank(master equation) equation, the result indicated the wigged behaviours we saw last week from simulation are just false alarm. However, the small time
behaviours for all populations showed the universal quadratic scaling.

September 10, Saturday
(10:00-12:00@Physics building)
Hsiu-Hau coming back from Canada, we talk the neuron network in brain. The experiment
of monkey brain implies there is possible collective excitation in brain network.

September 17, Saturday

(10:00-12:00@Physics building)